Birkie Partners with the
Beaver Hills Initiative

Whether you’re slicing through the heart-pounding 55 km with pack, or gently gliding along on Ole’s Tour, take a moment to look around. You’re in the Beaver Hills; a lived-in and loved landscape that you can help conserve. This area, also known as Cooking Lake Moraine, spans across 1572 km2 . It’s like nowhere else in Alberta, with hummocky terrain, small rolling hills and ponds left behind when glaciers receded. A landscape that - as Birkie fans know – makes for glorious cross country skiing. 
The Beaver Hills Initiative (BHI) is a group of more than 30 volunteer partner organizations working to balance conservation of this unique geographic area with sustainable economic and human development. The Beaver Hills is home to Elk Island National Park and Cooking Lake - Blackfoot Provincial Recreation Area, and is a haven for diverse plant and animal life. But it’s also an area where people live, work and play. BHI makes sure this all happens in harmony. 
To that end, the BHI has applied for the Beaver Hills to become a UNESCO Biosphere. If accepted, the Beaver Hills will join an international network that works to meet people’s current needs without compromising the environment for future generations. Success with this UNESCO Biosphere nomination depends, in part, on all of us who live, work and play in the Beaver Hills to show our support. To do so, simply go to and click on the link that says ‘CLICK HERE to Support Beaver Hills’. All it takes is your name and e-mail. 

You can find more information on Facebook at or Twitter @BHIBiosphere. BHI representatives will be at the Birkie Nordic Fair as well, so stop by their booth.