These links to Environment Canada and Weather Channel forecasts are updated as often as three times daily and should be as good as any for first 36 hours of the forecast period. Forecasts are regional rather than 'point' in spite of inferences to the contrary.
  • Environment Canada - forecasts for Birkie-land-rural Edmonton Area (professionally manned observation site, airport YEG, SW of Birkie site)
  • Weather Network - observation and forecast for Ardrossan (automated observation, nearest and representative of Birkie site)

Friday 9 PM 13 Jan

    Snow cover in Birkie-land has settled to about 17 cm.. just below long term average . In this climate  Average is a transitory state encountered between extremes.  Mild temperatures for the coming week may be compensated for by a couple cm of snow about next Saturday 21 Jan.  [No commentary from me Mon-Fri]

Garry A.