Justice on the Ski Trail

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by James Brohman

When I met my wife she did not know how to X-C ski and I came from a racing background (bad combination)! Many a tears of frustration were shed on the trails out at Blackfoot trying to keep up and not hold me back (my most dreaded question from Lori on the ski was “are you getting a good workout?” This was a catch-22 because if I said “no” then she would be mad and if I said “yes” then she knew it was a fib!

As Lori became more proficient on skis she progressed from the 13 km Birke to the 31 km and eventually the 55 km which she has skied (at her own pace) many times. During one memorable 31 km Birke that we both skied I was “bonking” along when I heard a skier coming up behind me and it was Lori! All she said as she passed at a significantly faster pace was “Jim, sorry I can’t take you with me!”