“Did we save the baby?”

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A number of years ago, possibly 2010 or earlier when the Edmonton Journal was a sponsor, John Lucas was the lead photographer who was assigned to photograph the Birkie. He did so well that one of his photos became the front page the day following the event.

The photo was of a Viking on skis with several youngsters following. This Viking was the “Pied Piper” and I happened to watch some of the 4K trail event. It was certainly stirring to me. I went to the finish line to cheer the young skiers in.

I was dressed with a volunteer bib and official arm band. As I was handing out chocolate coins one of the young skiers approached me. He could not have been more than four years old. He asked me “Did we save the baby” – He must have been briefed about the saga and understood it in today’s terms. I replied “Yes – of course – the baby was saved”. He gave me the biggest smile you could imagine and I directed him to his hot chocolate drink and hotdog.

He made my day!

by Brian Lucas