Three advantages of Birkie Fall Dryland Training

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Why in the world would you want to start “cross country skiing” when there is no snow in sight and the days are still warm (we hope)?

Here are three excellent reasons:

  1. You review and perform Classic XC Ski techniques during ski-walking, ski-bounding, and/or ski-running drills. This revives your skiing muscle memory and prepares your mind and body for skis and snow.
  2. A variety of balance, flexibility, aerobic and anaerobic exercises and activities help you develop improved skiing ability, prevent injuries, build ski-specific muscle, and enhance energy and oxygen uptake.
  3. You get a head start on your Birkie training so you’re well-prepared. You learn how to shape your own program using your personal goals and activities at your pace. You will be accountable for your progress in each class to a team of inspiring Birkie mates and instructors who are all working toward similar goals. You’ll be outside, exercising, and enjoying community with a great group of people.

In summary, you benefit from improved skiing ability and mind/body health, and classes are fun!

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