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Each year more than 500 volunteers contribute their time and expertise to the Canadian Birkie Ski Festival. Over 1500 cross-country skiers enjoy the ski events our volunteers worked on. In “Behind the Birkie Scenes” you can read a bit more about our volunteers and the work that is involved with organising the festival.


Ross and Grant: Chiefs of Food Stations

Although the festival is in February, Ross and Grant, our Chiefs of Food Stations, start organising in September. In October Ross and Grant are already busy at Waskahegan Staging Area completing an inventory of food station supplies.  For the day of the Canadian Birkie Ross and Grant prepare 18 sleds with water, nutrition and equipment  for the sustenance and safety of our skiers.  

These long-time and dedicated volunteers can be found at the Food Station Trailer located at the Waskahegan entrance on event day from 6 am to 8 pm. They are always among the last ones to leave the site!  Their work begins the weekend prior to the event with sanitization of the water jugs, followed by trips to pick up food and fill the water containers later in the week.

The Chiefs of Food Stations and their team manages 8-10 food stations that are  spaced along the course at intervals of not more than 11 km.  Each food station is supported by 8-10 service groups, each consisting of 6-20 volunteers to welcome skiers and serve refreshments. In a normal year the Canadian Birkie fields nearly 150 volunteers at food stations alone!

It’s a great pleasure to work with Ross and Grant, and we extend a warm thank you to them for their work and dedication.


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