Birkie Baby

What is the Birkie Baby? 

Every year the Canadian Birkebeiner Ski Festival chooses a Birkie Baby to represent our Legend’s crown prince, Haakon Haakonsson. 

What is the role of the Birkie Baby?

The Birkie Baby is treated like a prince or princess, as they (and their parents/guardians) attend various events throughout the Birkie weekend. Events the Birkie Baby attend include the starting ceremony of Ole’s Tour, the Viking’s Feast, and the Barnebirkie

2023 Birkie Baby

Meet our 2023 Birkie Baby, Archie (pictured right). Archie came as an early christmas present for his parents on the eve of Christmas Eve, in 2021. He is as adventurous as his mama and will be on skis as soon as he can! Archie’s mom, Jocelyn, participates in the Birkie every year, but not last year because she was pregnant with little Archie. 

Keep your eyes out for Archie during the 2023 Canadian Birkie Ski Festival! 

2023 Birkie Baby Nominations

Thank you to everyone who submitted nominations for the 2023 Birkie Baby! Take a look at all of the nominations below.