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 Bike like a Birkebeiner | Summer Events

If you love cross-country skiing the Canadian Birkie, now you can be cycling and biking in the Beaver Hills Biosphere and Cooking-Lake Blackfoot Provincial Recreation Area  

Biking Like a Viking | Road Cyle
July 14 

After lasts year’s success, Biking Like a Viking through the Beaver Hills Biospher will be back in 2024.  Canadian Birkebeiner Society is happy to hosts non-timed summer ride out of Strathcona Olympiette Centre.

Bikenbender | Gravel Trail Cycle
September 14

 Heads up, gravel trail crew! Limited spots available for this ride. The Cooking Lake-Blackfoot Provincial Recreation Area is getting ready for the first-ever Birkie gravel ride: The Bikenbender. Now the Canadian Birkie has a ride ready to suit your trail and gravel riding wishes. This event has a lot of offer the cyclocross, gravel or mountain bike cyclist, this event has a lot to offer. Want a course with lots of rolling hills?  Check. Up for some grinding gravel? They’ve got that too.  We even have a different race format, where you race over 3 challenging sections. The rest of a ride is recovery!  We are looking forward to seeing you at the start line of the Bikenbender September 14th!  

 Proud to host events in the UNESCO Beaver Hills Biosphere



Canadian Birkie & the Beaver Hills Biosphere

The Canadian Birkie is proud to event their events in The Beaver Hills Biosphere. The Biosphere includes Elk Island National Park, Cooking Lake-Blackfoot Provincial Recreation Area, Miquelon Lake Provincial Park and other areas. Elk Island National Park and Cooking Lake Blackfoot are at the core of this glacial moraine landscape. To learn more about the Beaver Hills Biosphere and the work of the public society that encourages local municipalities and citizens to work to protect this amazing area, go to: Beaver Hills Biosphere