Board of Director Positions


President The president is responsible for the overall direction of the CBS, ensures that each of the board members completes their assigned tasks, chairs the Board meetings and chairs the annual general meeting. The President is one of the designated signing authorities of the Society. This person is also an ex-officio member of all committees.
Past President The past president performs an advisory function with the Board and assists the Board as is needed.
Treasurer The treasurer is responsible for maintaining the financial records of the society and for presenting suitable procedural processes by which the Society conducts its business. The treasurer is one of the designated signing authorities of the Society.
 Secretary The secretary is responsible for recording, compiling and maintaining the minutes of meetings, receiving communications directed to the Society, corresponding, as directed by the Board, on behalf of the Society , compile and maintain a member database, compile and maintain a volunteer database and maintain regular communication with Society office staff. The secretary is also responsible for establishing and maintaining a filing system suitable for the needs of the Society.
Chief of Loppet The Chief of Loppet is responsible for the technical preparation, administration, execution and supervision of the loppet by chairing the loppet committee and supervising/coordinating the efforts of the loppet committee members ensuring each of these people completes their respective tasks.
Director at Large The Director at Large is responsible for special projects and tasks, assisting other Directors where requested, and contributing to quorum at Board meetings.
Sponsorship Director The sponsorship director is responsible for devising, maintaining and implementing a program to be used in obtaining all sponsors for the Society’s events, chairing the sponsorship committee and coordinating the efforts of the committee members in securing sponsors. The director is responsible for planning and coordinating all fund-raising activities of the Society and for maintaining a constant, open communication with the marketing director of the Society.
Marketing Director The marketing director is responsible for preparing, maintaining and implementing a comprehensive and detailed marketing plan, including a media plan, for promoting the activities of the Society locally, provincially, nationally and internationally.  A Media Coordinator is on the Marketing Committee.
Program Services Director The program services director is responsible for the activities of the Society with respect to merchandising, awards, special projects, archives, and community liaison.
Festival Director The festival director is responsible for preparing, maintaining and implementing a plan for the festival week activities of the Society. The main responsibilities are the three events at the host venue: Wednesday’s Volunteer Appreciation and Orientation; Friday’s Nordic Fair (trade show and bib pick-up) and Saturday’s post-Birkie celebration dinner, the Vikings’ Feast.  The director may be called upon by the Board to represent the Society at various functions or meetings.
Human Resources Director The human resources director is responsible for providing assistance to committee chairpersons regarding volunteers, preparing, reviewing and maintaining the job descriptions and job duties of the Society, reviewing the need for volunteers, the employment agreement  for any paid staff  and assisting the Board in carrying out its duties. This person will chair the nominating committee and prepare the nomination list for potential Board members to be presented at the annual general meeting. This person will work with the volunteer coordinator to facilitate volunteer recognition activities/events.