COVID-19 Protocols

Canadian Birkebeiner Society, under the guidance of Nordiq Alberta and Alberta Health Services, take necessary precautions to stop the spread of coronavirus.

Birkie COVID-19 Statement: The Canadian Birkebeiner Society (CBS) Safety and Environmental Management Plan strictly follows the Alberta Health Services COVID-19 guidelines at time of the event.  These guidelines may change at any time prior and during the event. The health and safety of our CBS staff, volunteers and skiers is our first priority, and our plan mitigates health risks by wearing appropriate and required personal protective equipment, by practicing two metre social distancing at all times, and completion of mandatory health pre screening questionnaires prior to participation.


  • Mandatory Health Questionnaire: All skiers must complete a health questionnaire the morning of their race to determine their health and exposure.
  • Social Distancing Required: Skiers and volunteers are asked to stand two metres (6 ft.) apart from each other.
  • No Mass Start: Skiers will start their ski race in sets of twos. Timing anklets will begin timing as the skier crosses the start line.
  • Safe Waves: Faster skiers will be sent out in the first wave and slower skiers sent out in the last two waves to decrease the amount of passing.
  • Tracks Two Metres (6 ft.) Apart: The course consists of two sets of tracks that are six feet apart. The right track is for skiing and the left track is for passing.
  • Masks a MUST: Birkie skiers in long distances receive a FREE cloth mask when they arrive at their staging area entrance. Skiers must wear a mask while in the staging area: they must wear their mask walking to and from the start/finish line and while waiting to start the race. Participants do not have to, but are encouraged, to wear a face covering while skiing and at aid stations. People not wearing a mask in the staging area will be asked to leave immediately. Drivers dropping off and picking up skiers at staging area must wear a mask
  • Decreased Touch Points: There will be only three touch points: 1) receiving FREE face mask at staging area entrance; 2) receiving timing anklet near start; and 3) receiving pre-packaged beverages and food at food stations.
  • No Congregating Allowed: There will be no Festival Tent, Clothing Tent, Warm Up Facilities, Change Trailers or fire pits to discourage people from congregating.
  • Spectator Free: As there is a limit to the number of people allowed on site at a given time, spectators will not be allowed to watch the event at the staging areas.
  • No Bus Shuttles: To eliminate indoor spaces, there are no free bus shuttles available. Participants can drive with people from their cohort and park on site, or get picked up/dropped off.

Find the latest Nordiq Alberta’s Return to Sport Guidelines here