COVID-19 Protocols

LAST UPDATED: 9:22 p.m., February 10, 2022

Birkie COVID-19 Statement: The Canadian Birkebeiner Society (CBS) Safety and Environmental Management Plan strictly follows the Alberta Health Services COVID-19 guidelines at time of the event.  These guidelines may change at any time prior and during the event. The health and safety of our CBS staff, volunteers and skiers is our first priority, and our plan mitigates health risks by wearing appropriate and required personal protective equipment and by practicing two-metre social distancing at all times, and requiring proof of COVID-19 double vaccination for the Nordic Fair and Vikings’ Feast at the Woodvale Facility only.

Cancellation: Given the current world situation, there is a possibility that the ski events could be cancelled due to the pandemic. If this happens skiers’ registrations will be carried forward to the 2023 Canadian Birkie.

Protocols: Under the guidance of Alberta Health Services (AHS) and Nordiq Alberta, the Canadian Birkebeiner Society (CBS), is taking the following necessary precautions to stop the spread of coronavirus:

1. Pre-Screening

2. QR Code Check at Nordic Fair and Vikings’ Feast at the Woodvale Facility only.

  • Participant QR code check – Participants 12 years and older must show valid proof of double vaccination. Participants 18 years and older must ALSO show personal identification. This is required to enter Woodvale Facility and to pick up their registration package. Third Party Bib Pick-Up is now allowed. 
  • Worker QR code check – All Birkie volunteers, staff and contractors 12 years and older must show valid proof of double vaccination before starting work. Workers 18 years and older must ALSO show personal identification before starting work.

Skiers will not be required to show their QR code/ID to access Birkie outdoor, in-person ski events at the Ukrainian Village and Waskahegen Staging Area on Saturday Feb. 12, or at Hawrelak Park on Feb. 13.

3. Social Distancing

  • Stay a ski apart – Skiers and workers must stay the approximate distance of an adult cross country ski away from each other at outdoor Birkie events. Please maintain two metres (6 ft.) separation at all times outdoors.
  • Safe waves – Every effort is made to send faster skiers out in the first wave and slower skiers out in the last two waves to decrease passing.

4. Masks Required:

  • Bus Shuttle Rules – Participants and workers must wear masks, and must not eat or drink while on the Birkie bus shuttles. 
  • Indoor events – Participants and workers must wear a mask at all indoor Canadian Birkie events. Masks can be removed while someone is eating or drinking. Eating and drinking must take place while seated. 
  • Outdoor areas – Participants must wear masks at ski waxing stations and AFTER the finish line. Workers must wear masks while in parking lots, start line areas and finish line areas.
  • Skiing – Skiers do not have to wear a mask while skiing as long as they are maintaining a two-metre physical distance between themselves and others. One needs to put on a mask if they stop to chat at a food station. Skiers are encouraged to carry a mask at all times. Skiers will need to put their mask on after they cross the finish line.  

5. Risk mitigation features:

  • No Festival Tent or Change Trailers – There will be no festival tent nor change trailers.
  • No Awards Ceremony – There will be no tri-level medals podium or awards ceremony at finish line. Medals and awards will be sent out via mail. Race results and a new finish line livestream will be available online only. 
  • No Spectators – Spectators will not be allowed to watch the ski event at the start line, finish line or along the course. Again, race results and a new finish line livestream will be available online.
  • Pre-packaged food – Nutrition will be in the form of prepackaged water and high energy treats such as raisins and fig bars.  

Skiers and volunteers that develop symptoms of Covid 19 while on the course shall report to a Patroller or the first Food/Aid Station they encounter for isolation and transport.

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