The Canadian Birkebeiner Society (CBS) is a non-profit organization that accepts donations to help promote cross country skiing around the world and hosting the Canadian Birkie Ski Festival.  Your donation also helps CBS maintain Birkieland trails. These trails are located in the UNESCO Beaverhill Biosphere at Alberta’s Cooking Lake Blackfoot Provincial Recreation Area. CBS provides volunteer work crews with the equipment to clip and clear bush year-round. CBS also provides and maintains the equipment for Alberta Parks to set ski tracks in the winter. 

Supporters’ past donations assisted CBS in purchasing and maintaining groomers, tracks, stoves, toboggans and trailers. Thanks to our Birkie community for helping us recently raise money to purchase new $25,000 grooming machine rubber wheel treads to track set in low snow conditions!

The society’s large $400,000 Bombardier BR 180 groomer is an incredible machine! It is used to set all Birkieland ski tracks. We affectionately call our machine Prince Haakon, or Haak for short (pronounced hawk). CBS displays its name proudly on the windshield! It was purchased over 15 years ago and will soon need replacing.

Every dollar raised goes a long way to setting ski trails in Birkieland, producing the Canadian Birkie Ski Festival and promoting cross country skiing around the globe! 

Donations open again in October

We appreciate your contribution and would love to recognize you in our Program Guide. Let us know at the Birkie office, if you would prefer to be anonymous. 

We are able to issue tax receipts in certain circumstances, such as larger donations. To find out how to donate to get a tax receipt, call or email our Birkie office.

Thank you for your donation; it really helps!