4/8 km Mud Sweat and Gears Birkie Fun Ski

Birkie Saturday, February 10, 2024
Waskahegan to Waskahegan

This recreational untimed ski event is designed for beginner to intermediate youth and adult skiers. The trail is a loop so you can decide to ski 4 or 8 kilometres.

Start Time
1:20 Official Opening 13km/8km/4km
2:00 Start
2:15 8km/4km Start Closed

Start Line and Finish Area
This event starts and finishes at the Waskahegan Staging Area, in the Cooking Lake-Blackfoot Provincial Recreation Area. Access to the start is behind the Festival Tent, past the picnic shelter to a big field (please see map below). Plan on a 10-minute walk to the start line and place yourself in a lane based on your estimated skiing time.

See the Stadium Start/Finish Line map

Registration Package Pick-up

Registration package pick up will take place at the Nordic Fair on February 9, 2024.

Age Limits

  • Children 2 – 11 years of age are not allowed to ski. They can be in a backpack or pulled in a pulk/sled. Please place your pulk or sled at the back of the start line up.

Once You’re There

  • Dress appropriately in layers and bring extra clothing and wax for changing weather.
  • Bring a duffel bag or backpack to keep your warm clothing and other items in for use after the race. In your event package you will find a tag and zip tie to attach it to your clothing bag. It is very important to clearly mark your BIB NUMBER on your tag. You can leave it at the Clothing Tent in the Finish Line/Stadium Area.
  • Snacks and coffee are available in the Festival Tent.
  • Indoor washrooms are not available, but there will be outdoor portapotties.
  • Pulks and sleds are allowed, but only at the back of the race.

What’s the route?
The 4 or 8 km event is a loop starting from the field east of the Waskahegan Stadium area. Course is rolling hills and winding trails beside beaver ponds.

Parking and Shuttle
There is no parking at the Start/Finish Line. Skiers and spectators MUST PARK at Bethel Transit Terminal (shown here on the Venue Map). Free shuttle buses run continuously between Bethel Transit Terminal and Waskahegan from 8:00 am until 5:45 pm. Buses leave when they are full (about every 10-15 minutes) and the ride takes approximately 30 minutes.

Registration Fees Oct 2023 Nov 2023 Dec 2023 Jan 2024 Feb 2024
8 km Birkie Fun Ski  $25 $25 $25 $25 $25

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