In-Person Birkie Questions and Answers

Are the in-person events point to point?

The 31 km and 55 km ski events are point-to-point, while the 13 km, 8 km, 2/4 km 1/3 km ski events are loop courses.

Are there starting waves?

Yes, you will need to select an appropriate wave in which to start. Read this wave document to choose your appropriate wave start.

Are there timing chips?

Yes, the 55 km, 31 km and 13 km events use GoChip technology. GoChips record your start time from when you cross the start line, not from a mass start or wave start time.

It is worn on the ankle and MUST be returned at the finish line.  There is a $60 charge to replace lost chips.

When will I receive my Bib and timing chips?

Registration packs can be picked up at the Nordic Fair, February 10, 2023. The Nordic Fair is open from noon till 8pm.

What if I can not pick up my registration pack myself?

If you can not pick up your registration pack yourself at the Nordic Fair, we support and encourage third party bib pick up. This means a person can pick up the pack at the Nordic Fair for a friend or family member. Please contact our office by email on if more information is needed.

Will there be food stations along the course?

There are aid stations spaced along the 31 and 55 km courses and one aid station on the 13 km course. Volunteer and medical personnel will be at each food station and at the Finish Line. Water and snacks will be available at each station.

Can I change the event I’m skiing?

Event changes will only be accepted at the Nordic Fair or in person at the Canadian Birkebeiner Ski Festival. There will be no fee for downgrading your event to a shorter distance, and a $10 fee + the difference in registration cost to upgrade your event to a longer distance.

Can I withdraw from the event?

Yes, but there are NO REFUNDS.

What if the event is cancelled due to COVID19?

Your registration will be carried over to the 2024 Birkie.

How is the Birkie “Green”?

We encourage car pooling – please ride with your cohort to the start.

How can I recognize the amazing volunteers?

Be sure to say thank you to each volunteer you see!

How do I sign up to Volunteer?

See our Volunteer page

Can I skate-ski?

All events are classic technique only; skate-skiing is NOT allowed.

Can I pull a sled or pulk?

Sleds and pulks are ONLY allowed in the 8 km Birkie Fun Ski event.

Can a non-skiing parent accompany their child on the bus shuttle and on site? 

Yes, you can accommodate your child on a bus shuttle and on site.

How long do I have to ski my event?

All skiers must complete their race by 5:30 pm.  Each aid station has a cut-off time that skiers must meet to ensure that they can finish their race.  Sweeps who follow the last racers help determine if a skier can meet the deadline.  If a skier is unable to meet a deadline, they will be removed from the course at an aid station and given a ride back to the Finish Line.