Be a Friend

A Friend of the Birkie is an organization or individual that promotes the Festival or contributes in some other way to the Birkie. The Birkie invites any person or organization to help by becoming a Friend by emailing our office.

We would like to thank the following for being Birkie Friends:

  • Alberta Environment and Parks, Parks Division Staff
  • Alberta Environment and Parks, Parks Division Volunteers
  • ATCO
  • Blackfoot Grazing Association
  • The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
  • Edmonton Examiner
  • Edmonton Nordic Ski Club
  • Friends of Blackfoot Society
  • Gary Atchison, Meteorologist
  • Margaret Toonen
  • Jean Funk
  • Rescue Dynamics
  • Shirley Yakamitz
  • St. Albert Community Information and Volunteer Centre
  • Strathcona Wilderness Centre
  • Verner Steinbru, Viking!
  • 175th Southwood Scouting Group

We would like to thank the following Birkie Friends for being Food Station Hosts:

  • Alberta Trail Riders Association – Blackfoot 2
  • Canadian Progress Club of Sherwood Park – Central
  • Canadian River Valley Revenge – Boundary
  • Edmonton Bicycle and Touring Club – Roundup
  • Edmonton Overlanders Orienteering Club – Booster
  • Fast Trax – Blackfoot 1
  • Grant Macewan Mountain Club – Spare
  • Survivorfest 24 – Elk Push
  • Waskahegan Trail Association – Meadow

Read about the Waskahegan Trail Association’s 2023 Birkie experience here!