Loppet Committee

Loppet Committee 2018-2019

Name Position
Jim Black Chief of Loppet
Karen Hayduk Cooking Lake-Blackfoot PRA Ranger
Ben Featherstone Blackfoot Operations
Karen Hayduk Communications
George Foxcroft Course
Basil Delaney Ass’t Course
Randy Stebner Equipment/Logistics
Mike Berezan Festival Tent
Chad Gjertsen Ass’t. Festival Tent
Danielle Layman Food Stations
Ross Johnson Ass’t Food Stations
Grant Chaney Ass’t Food Stations
Amanda Bilotta Beer Garden
Marissa Chapman Beer Garden Chieflet
Karen Johnsrud Long Start
Dirk Chisholm Medical co-chief
Andrea Lin Medical co-chief
Dave McCashin Patrol
Quinn McCashin Ass’t. Patrol
Kirsten van der Meer Registration
Jim Wiley Registration co-chief
Carolene Kuschminder Recording secretary
Karen Hayduk Safety
Bas Delaney Short Start
Brian Lucas Signage
Randy Stebner Stadium
Steve Lord Ass’t Stadium
Kimberly Currie Stadium-Clothing Tent
Victoria Lee Timing/Finish Line
Mike Stern Transportation
Robert Chapman Volunteer Coordinator
Cam McGregor Ass’t Volunteer Coordinator
Aleda Chapman Ass’t Volunteer Coordinator
George Foxcroft Birkie Sunday
Roberta Hyland Birkie Sunday
Basil Delaney Full Moon Birkie
Peter Kershaw Full Moon Birkie
Brian Lucas Alumni
Chief of Loppet This official is responsible for the technical preparation, administration, execution and supervision of the loppet by chairing the loppet committee and supervising/coordinating the efforts of the loppet committee members ensuring each of these people complete their respective tasks.
Chief of Stadium Set Up/Take Down This official plans the necessary lay-out, set-up and take-down of stadium (finish line and food tent/trailers/clothing tents/transport area).  On race day, responsible for heating/equipment relocations, clothing tents, environmental crew supervision. Also responsible for all signage within the Stadium Area.
Clothing Coordinator This official is responsible for coordinating the clothing bag drop-off at the start lines and the clothing tent in the stadium where skiers pick up their bags after finishing their event.
Chief of Equipment and Logistics This official is responsible for coordinating equipment requirements for stadium, starts and food stations; ordering the equipment;  and supervising the logistics of delivery of hard goods for the Birkie ski events (excluding food).
Chief of Finish Line and Timing


Finish Line: This official is responsible for planning the requirements for the finish area:  oversee Finish line zone, finish stewards, traffic flow through the finish line(s) and work with the stadium set-up crew, and various crews in the area (timing, medical, awards, announcing). Official should have Level II certification.

Timing: This official is responsible for recruiting and training of manual timers; procuring necessary timing equipment (manual); working with our Timing company in responding to timing and results problems/concerns. Results from timing chief may be coordinated by Chief of Registration.

Chief of Medical Services and Safety This official plans for the first aid and medical treatment that may be needed by participants on course, at the start and finish lines, volunteers and the general public attending the loppet event; recruits the required number of medical volunteers and coordinates the assignments and postings for event day; and supervises the medical response plan on event day from the command post at the finish line.
Chief of Course This official is responsible for properly preparing and maintaining the course to ensure the safety of the participants.
Course Assistant This official is responsible for ensuring the satisfactory condition of the trail for the event.
Chief of Registration


This official is responsible for: monitoring on-line registration of all skiers; preparing reports as needed by race officials; coordinating the preparation of race packages; coordinating the distribution of race packages; and preparing start lists for officials and media. Provide registration information at the Long Start and process late package pick up.
Chief of Transportation and Parking This official is responsible for planning and implementing the transportation logistics to get participants to and from the site to and from the course. Responsible for all transportation and parking signage relating to skiers and spectators for all Birkie events.
Chief of Long Starts This official is responsible for planning and implementing the physical set-up of the start area and the actual start of the long distance events at the Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village or backup start as required. Responsible for all signage relating to the Long Start area.
Chief of Mini-Birkie and Short Starts This official coordinates the 13 km Mini-Birkie and the 2.5/4 km Ole’s Tour events and starts; and may coordinate separate timing at a separate finish line if required. Responsible for set up of the Short Start area and related signage.
Chief of Festival Food Tent This official plans for the food and materials required for the finish line festival tent, then coordinates the distribution of refreshments in the festival tent on event day.  This official is also responsible for ordering of food supplies required for food station, therefore there is coordination required between the Chiefs of Festival Tent and Food Stations. Responsible for the disposal of organic, recycling and waste materials.
Chief of Food Stations This official plans for the food requirements of the start area and on-course stations; recruits volunteer groups as food station crews, and supervises/ coordinates the delivery of the food products to the station crews. Responsible for all food station signage.
Chief of Signage This official plans the signage requirements of all events and coordinates the distribution, setting up and dismantling of signs and banners where needed. Works with each Chief on signage requirements and obtains signs as necessary.
Chief of Patrollers/Controllers This official recruits patrollers/controllers for all of the event courses, and supervises the distribution and protocols of the course officials on event day.  This position has been divided into Chief of Long Events Patrollers and Chief of Short Events Patrollers.
Volunteer Coordinator This official, working with Office Staff, maintains a list of current and potential volunteers; assists loppet and Board committee members with meeting their need for volunteers; and coordinates volunteer recognition.
Recording Secretary This official records and compiles minutes of loppet committee meetings, maintains loppet committee files and distributes loppet committee information as required.