Sports Recovery Massage Therapy




Sports Recovery Massage Therapy

Certified Massage Therapists from the Canadian Sports Massage Therapist Association will be on-site to assist with your post-event recovery. These experts in athletic injuries and treatments, will help you decrease your recovery time. Just $32 for a 20 minute session. Click here for details.

New for 2019! Professional Sports Recovery Massage at the Finish Line

Certified Massage Therapists from the Canadian Sports Massage Therapist Association (CSMTA) will be on-site to assist with your post-event recovery this year.

Performed by experts in athletic injuries and treatments, a massage can help you enhance your recovery from the physical demands of your Birkie ski. CSMTA members are professionally trained to treat athletes from grassroots, to Olympic and professional level. Whether you are doing your first 13 km Birkie Tour, or your twentieth 55 km with pack, applied sport massage can greatly assist recovery time by improving blood flow, reducing lactic acid, and decreasing muscle fatigue.

Massage sessions will take place in a heated Sports Recovery Tent located in the finish line area. Please note that conditions will be “rustic”, meaning your session will not be quiet nor private. Please ensure you have dry clothes on before your appointment to prevent getting a chill.

The cost is $32 for a 20 minute session (limit to one or two areas of concern). As there are limited spots available, advance sign-up online is highly recommended. If any spots remain, there will be a sign-up sheet available on-site.

Please follow these steps after you cross the finish line:

  • Pick up your “dry bag” at the clothing tent and change into dry clothes
  • Proceed to the Sports Recovery Tent and check off your name
  • Wait for next available massage therapist
  • Let your therapist know any specific area of concern

Enjoy your massage!