Most Kilometres Group Award

Sign up your office, department, organization, family or friends for the Most KM Group Award. Once you have picked your group name, ask your team members to select this award on their registration forms. Once they enter the group name on their forms, we will enter your team in the Most Kilometres Group Award contest.

This award was reintroduced in 2020. Some Birkie Fans will remember this much loved award from past Birkie festivals. The Most KM Group Award celebrates your group of friends, colleagues or staff members’ effort to complete the Birkie. Together you try to reach the highest combined total kilometres completed. It is a perfect team building event for any family, group, organization or business.

Three reasons to sign up your crew for this team building award:

    1. Increase Visibility
      By signing up your club, department, business or non-profit, you will gain more visibility within the community. The winning company will not only receive an award to display, but the winning team will receive recognition on our website and in our newsletter.
    2. Increase Wellness
      Who does not want to have healthy friends and colleagues? This award will bring members of your group together in the winter season. A shared goal makes it much easier to get out training and brings a positive spirit to your business. It will be fun to prepare during the winter months, then participate together at the Canadian Birkie Ski Festival.
    3. The Award
      Your team name and total kilometres are engraved on a plaque which is placed on the Most Kilometres Group Award wooden ski. Yes, it is an actual wooden ski you can display until it needs to be returned for the next Canadian Birkie Ski Festival. All winning team members will be listed on our Birkie website.

How to register

All team members need to: 1) pick a team captain; 2) pick a group name; 3) check the Most KM Group Award box; and 4) enter the exact same group name on each teammate’s registration form. 

Click here to see the recipients.

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