Safety and Environmental Management Forms

Manual and Forms

Safe Practice Implementation Protocols

CBS Safety and Environmental Management Manual CBS.SPIP.001.Travelling and working in CLBPRA
Safety Program Orientation Form CBS.SPIP.002.Cold weather
Tailgate Field Level Hazard Assessment Meeting Checklist CBS.SPIP.003.Brushing with hand pruner and saws
Incident Report Form CBS.SPIP.004.Using Portable Propane Heaters
CBS Formal Hazard Assessment Form CBS.SPIP.005.Using Portable Propane Stoves
  CBSCBS.SPIP.006.Using chainsaws on CLBPRA trails
  CBS.SPIP.007.Using Gas-Powered Brush Cutters on CLBPRA trails

Formal Hazard Assessments

Applies to Loppet Chief(s)

FHA.001.trail maintenance work Trail Blazers
FHA.002.side-by-side Trail Blazers, Course choc Sundays Hot Chocolate workers
FHA.004.stadium set up Stadium, Equipment
FHA.005.electrical work in stadium Stadium, Equipment
FHA.006.firepits Stadium, Equipment management Clothing Services
FHA.008.skipatrol Patrol and admin Office Staff
FHA.010.Birkie Sunday Birkie Sunday
FHA.011.Finish line operations Finish Line/Timing stations Food Stations
FHA.013.transporting hot beverages Festival Tent
FHA.014.mixing hot drinks Festival Tent
FHA.015.Lighting cooking stoves Festival Tent BBQs Festival Tent smokies Festival Tent
FHA.018.Heating soup bags Festival Tent
FHA.019.moonlightski Full Moon
FHA.020.transportation.parking.attendants Transportation
FHA.021.transportation.drivers Transportation
FHA.022.registration Registration
FHA.023.volunteers Volunteer Coordinator
FHA.024.chainsaw use in CLBPRA Trail Blazers
FHA.025.brush cutter use in CLBPRA Trail Blazers

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