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Where Legend Meets Loppet: Unveiling the Story of the Canadian Birkebeiner

Embark on a journey through the rich history of the Canadian Birkie! Delve into the exciting world of our past events and discover how we connect to a legendary tale that stretches back over 800 years.  

Exploring Past Birkie Editions

Each year of the Canadian Birkie has its own unique story. Go back into history and revisit each Birkie year to learn more about the experience skiers found on the trails.

Nordic Roots: Exploring Ski History and the Canadian Birkie

PearlAnn Reichwein and her colleague Lyndsay Conrad researched the history of Nordic skiing in Alberta and the Canadian Birkie. Watch two videos to understand more about the Canadian Birkebeiner as cross-country skiing festival.



The Canadian Birkebeiner is a proud member of a global trio! Alongside its counterparts in Norway and the United States, it forms a unique community of loppets all inspired by the same 800-year-old legend. This shared heritage adds a touch of magic to the Canadian Birkebeiner experience, connecting you to a rich history that transcends borders.