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Nordic Roots: Exploring Ski History and the Canadian Birkie

Dr. PearlAnn Reichwein and her colleague Lyndsay Conrad researched the history of Nordic skiing in Alberta and the Canadian Birkie. The following  two videos give a better understanding about the Canadian Birkebeiner as cross-country skiing festival and its history.

Lyndsay Conrad: Tracking the University of Alberta Varsity Ski Club History

Lyndsay Conrad shared her new research about the University of Alberta’s Varsity Ski Club and a thriving Nordic ski culture in the 1930s. Active along the North Saskatchewan River Valley, the club led ski treks, ski jumping, and skijoring in Edmonton. The club created a place for students, faculty, and the public to share Nordic pursuits together as sport for all. Many ski leaders and the longstanding U of A Outdoor Club are among its legacies. Ms. Conrad is a first-year University of Alberta Master’s of Arts student in the Faculty of Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation as well as a Professional Kinesiologist and an outdoor educator with experience in the not-for-profit and municipal government sectors.

Dr. PearlAnn Reichwein: The Origins and Inventions of the Canadian Birkebeiner

Dr. Reichwein recently published an article titled “The Origins of the Canadian Birkebeiner Ski Festival: Invented Traditions, Winter Sportscapes, and Heritage Sport Tourism in Sustainability and the UNESCO Beaver Hills Biosphere” in the Journal of Heritage Tourism. Her BirkieTV visit brought to life the origins and impressive history of our event. A delight to listen to in person and virtually, Dr. Reichwein is a professor at the University of Alberta who studies the history and heritage of western Canada. Her work focuses on people, parks, and politics related to the Edmonton region, Canada’s mountains, and UNESCO sites. Currently, she leads the Ski Like a Girl research team. Dr. Reichwein is the author of Climber’s Paradise: Making Canada’s Mountain Parks, 1906-1974, awarded a Canadian Historical Association Clio Prize, and co-author of Uplift: Visual Culture at the Banff School of Fine Arts with Karen Wall.

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