Ski Rules and Etiquette

The Canadian Birkie Ski Festival is sanctioned by Nordiq Canada; as such there are regulations that we must follow. 

  • We are unable to hold the event if the air temperature is colder than -25 C, and/or other weather considerations.

Please note that because we are sanctioned as a Loppet, not a Tier 1 or 2 Race, Nordiq Canada’s Fluorocarbon Wax Policy does not apply to our event.

Here are a few Birkie rules to remember for your ski event.

  1. Use ONLY Classical Technique. Skate skiing is NOT allowed during in-person ski events. Gliding on herringbone, sideways pushing, and skating except on corners are not allowed. You are allowed up to five pushes maximum per corner.
  2. Move when you hear Track. Please be courteous; if you hear another skier call Track, please get out of the way safely and quickly.
  3. Don’t stop in tracks at Food Stations. Please don’t stop in the tracks at the food stations. We ask that you step out of the tracks and stand well to the side so skiers can pass through. 
  4. Do not ski with headphones.
  5. Stay on your course. Changing events during the race is not allowed. Anyone not passing all checkpoints on their registered course will be a DNF or DSQ.
  6. Prepare for cold temperatures. Dress appropriately in layers and bring clothing and wax for changing weather. Peel layers as necessary. Have adequate hand and head protection; keep well hydrated and well-fueled. Starts may be delayed and/or courses modified for safety. Check Birkie Social Media for updates on conditions.
  7. Keep hydrated. Drink lots of water or sports drink at food stations.
  8. Keep bib visible. Wear your bib only on your front and over top of your jacket for visibility.

Provincial Park Regulations

Courses and Start/Finish Lines are staged in a Provincial Recreation Area, as such all provincial park rules and regulations must be followed.

  • No alcohol is allowed in the park.
  • No dogs are allowed on the ski trails and must be leashed in the parking lots and pedestrian areas.
  • No bikes on the ski trails.
  • No littering allowed along the ski trails or in staging areas.
  • No smoking, no vaping and no cannabis in the Staging Areas.

Thank you for following the rules and being courteous.