55 km with Pack Torskeklubben Birkebeiner

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Birkie Saturday – February 8, 2025
55 km with Pack Torskeklubben Birkebeiner

Skiers recreate the legend of the original Birkebeiner skiers by carrying the equivalent of the infant crown prince, a 5.5 kg (12 lb) pack.

Course Description

This point-to-point course rolls and winds through the scenic Cooking Lake-Blackfoot Provincial Recreation Area, from the Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village to the Waskehegan Staging Area.

World Loppet

Those registering for 31 and 55 km distances will have the option to have their results posted to the World Loppet for a $5 administration fee.

Registration Fees Nov 2024 Dec 2024 Jan 2025 Feb 2025
55 km with pack Torskeklubben Birkebeiner TBD $TBD $TBD $TBD


Start Line & Finish Area

The 55 km with Pack Torkskeklubben Birkebeiner starts at the Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village and finishes at the Waskahegan Staging Area.

  • 2024 Long Start Map Coming Soon
  • 2024 Stadium Short Start/Finish Line Map Coming Soon

Start Times

8.45 Official Opening 55 km/ 31 km 
9.00 Wave 1
9.10 Wave 2
9.20 Wave 3
9.30 Wave 4
9.40 Start 55 km/ 31 km Closed

Description of Start Waves

Cut-Off Times

Details About the Pack

The 55 km skiers will have to weigh their 5.5 kg backpack or weight vest at both the start area and the finish area.

The pack worn must be over the shoulder; fanny packs do not qualify. Day packs, internal frame packs, or weight vests are acceptable. The pack (including contents, excluding consumables) must weigh a minimum of 5.5 kg or 12 lbs. Anything can be used to ensure correct pack weight that will still weigh the minimum at the finish line. Skiers may decorate their packs with a stuffed toy to signify the infant crown prince or to show off their Birkie spirit.

Registration Package & Bib Pick-up

Registration package and bib pick up will take place at the Nordic Fair on February 7, 2025. Timing chips will also be distributed at this time. There is a $100 charge for non-returned timing chips.

Age Limits

  • Children 2 – 11 years of age are not allowed.
  • Children 12 – 17 years of age are not recommended. If they register, they must be registered with and accompanied by an adult guardian.

Parking and Shuttle

  • Parking for the Long Start is available at the Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village.
  • Shuttles will be at the finish line at the Waskahegan Staging Area to take you back to your vehicle.