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Celebrate the Legend

Every year the Canadian Birkie Ski Festival chooses a Birkie Baby to represent our Legend’s crown prince, Haakon Haakonsson.

2024 Birkie Baby

Meet our 2024 Birkie Baby, Fenna! Fenna was born on the first day of snow in 2022. Her first winter was a particularly cold one, but that didn’t keep her from joining her parents cross-country skiing or skating almost daily. A love for winter activities is present throughout the family. Her parents first met on a cross-country ski trip organized by the University of Alberta Outdoors Club. Since then, they have done the Birkebeiner many times together. On her mother’s side, her grandfather and great grandfather completed the Elfstedentocht (a grueling 220km skating tour in Friesland) several times. Additionally, she has relatives in Norway who are avid Birkebeiners.

What is the role of the Birkie Baby?

The Birkie Baby is treated like royalty, as they (and their parents/guardians) attend various events throughout the Birkie weekend. Events the Birkie Baby attend include the Viking’s Feast and the Barnebirkie Family Ski.

Do you know our next Birkie Baby?

Nominations for the 2025 Canadian Birkie Ski Festival’s Birkie Baby will open in Fall of 2024!