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 Support the Canadian Birkebeiner Society

The Canadian Birkebeiner Society (CBS) is a non-profit organization that accepts donations year round to help host the annual Canadian Birkie Ski Festival, set tracks in Alberta’s Cooking Lake-Blackfoot Provincial Park, and promote cross-country skiing around the world.

Trail maintenance

Your donation helps the Canadian Birkebeiner Society maintain Birkieland trails. These trails are located in the UNESCO Beaver Hills Biosphere at Alberta’s Cooking Lake-Blackfoot Provincial Recreation Area. CBS provides volunteer work crews with the equipment to clip and clear bush year-round, as well as provide and maintain the equipment for Alberta Parks to set ski tracks in the winter.

Equipment Needs

The society’s large $400,000 Bombardier BR 180 groomer is an incredible machine! It is used to set all Birkieland ski tracks. We affectionately call our machine Prince Haakon, or Haak for short (pronounced hawk). CBS displays its name proudly on the windshield!

Haak was purchased over 15 years ago and will soon need replacing.

Thank you to our Birkie community for helping us recently raise money to purchase new $25,000 rubber wheel treads to track set in low snow conditions!

Thank You to All of Our Donors

All Birkie donors are recognized on our website and in our annual Program Guide. Want your donation to remain anonymous? Contact Us and let us know.

King Haakon level ($100+)


Cameron McGregor
Cathy Flood
Gerald Streefkerk
Jeremy Herbert
Phil Dunn
2 Anonymous Donors

Prince Haakon level ($50-99)


Curtiss McLeod
Dave Fricke
Everett Kunitz
Gerald Peters
Irvin Servold
Nic Goodwin
Patty Glover
2 Anonymous Donors

Ingra Fra Level ($1-49)


Allison Foxwell
Andrew Turnbull
Anne Marie Tyrrell
Brent Griffin
Cameron Mang
Charlotte Louise
Cindy Tester
Crystal Laboucane
David Klikach
David Mackintosh
David Ridley
Devon Phillips
Dominic Knight
Garry Stone
Gerald Loowell
Heather Opseth
Ian Quigley
Jan McGregor
John Lawrence
John Watson
John Walsh
John Christensen
John Addicott
Katharine Magor
Katherine Morianos
Kelly Antoniuk
Lori Goodbrand
Lyle Opseth
Marion Mayerhofer
Michele Eickholt
Monty McNeice
Nadine Kern
Nancy Doyle
Naomi Jacobsen
Noel Warkman
Patty Cameron
Ralph Osterwoldt
Richard Aunger
Ryan Polny
Ryan Thompson
Sean Reid
Steven Brese
Tony Smith
Vern McNeice
Warren Waxer
44 Anonymous Donors

We are able to issue tax receipts in certain circumstances, such as larger donations. To find out how to donate to get a tax receipt, Contact Us.