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“a great gathering of skiers who ski on a specifically groomed trails of various distances”.

The term “Loppet” can be roughly translated as ‘Citizen Ski Event’ and the Loppet Committee is at the center of the Birkie. Roles and experiences vary widely – but each one is critical for a successful Birkie

Loppet Chief (Who is in Charge)

Charles World participated on his first non profit volunteer board at age 17 and continues his passion for contributing to community by currently serving as Vice President and Chief of Loppet of the Canadian Birkebeiner Society.

He has played leadership roles on the organizing committee member with MS Bike Leduc to Camrose, and as a trustee of McClure United Church in Edmonton.

Charles World, Chief of Loppet


Processing and presenting Medals at the Birkie Festival! As part of the Team, you will assist with management of the medals and pins, and recording of the time and placement of the participants.

Clothing Tent

Skiers’ tagged clothing bags are dropped off at the start and assembled at the finish line. Sort, stack and retrieve bags for skiers.


Plan and design the Birkie courses using best trails / snow conditions.

Course Safety

Supports skiers throughout courses. Skiing ability and a knowledge of the Birkie trails desirable.

Emergency Response

Thinking about, planning for, and hopefully never having to deal with the unthinkable – but being ready nevertheless.

Festival Tent

Refreshment service in a large, heated tent in the Birkie “stadium”.

Finish Line

Assist skiers at finish line and keep traffic flowing.

Food Stations

Coordinate partner clubs and organizations to provide aid and nourishment en route.

Long Start Support

Parking-control, refreshments, clothing drop-off volunteer, or pack-weigh-in.


Volunteers with medical training are stationed at each food / aid station and at the finish line

Short events Start

Set-up and take down the short start.

Stadium, Equipment & Logistics

Set-up of tents, scaffolding, fencing, banners and signs.

Timing & Results

Record and coordinate results at the finish line.

Trail Blazers

Trail preparation via pruning and grooming.


Shuttle drivers and parking volunteers.


Manage, sign in/out, and support our amazing volunteers.