Volunteer-Food Stations

Nine partner clubs and service organization provide volunteers for the Food/Aid stations. These are augmented by the two Chiefs and some Birkie Volunteers.

Who is In Charge?

Ross and Grant are co-Chiefs of the Food Stations.

  • 070-FoodStn-Chief
  • 071-FoodStn-Birkie Friends Aid/Food Stations
  • 072-FoodStn-Helpers – Pre Birkie
  • 073-FoodStn-Helpers – Food Trailer

Context For All Roles

To support the 31 and 55km events, aid stations are placed in strategic distances. These stations are staff from the community and through service clubs and partner organizations. The Birkie thanks the following organizations for their ongoing commitment to making the event safe, fun, and accessible to skiers!

  • Alberta Trail Riders Association – Blackfoot 2
  • Canadian Progress Club of Sherwood Park – Central
  • Canadian River Valley Revenge – Boundary
  • Edmonton Bicycle and Touring Club – Roundup
  • Edmonton Overlanders Orienteering Club – Booster
  • Fast Trax – Blackfoot 1
  • Grant Macewan Mountain Club – Spare
  • Survivorfest 24 – Elk Push
  • Waskahegan Trail Association – Meadow

Safety Considerations: Each of the above organizations has their own safety procedures. However, dress for the weather including proper footwear. Knives and an open fire pit create yummy food and a place to warm up but exercise common sense and due care with both.

Location: Volunteers are transported to the respective stations via 4×4 Vehicle.

Training: Virtual/in-person briefing in January will be required. An in-person award organization meeting will be held closer to the Birkie. Attendance at the Volunteer Orientation the week of the Birkie is highly recommended. Awards Lead will provide mentorship and guidance.

Roles Needed

Role SpecificsRole Details
Role ID, Area and Title:071-FoodStn-Birkie Friends Aid/Food Stations
DescriptionSupport skiers at key points along the various event routes. Provide food, warm beverages, a fire, and the ability to retire if required. First Aid volunteers are embedded in each station for emergencies.
Volunteer RequirementsExcellent customer services. Dress for the conditions.
When NeededBirkie Saturday and Orientation on February 7.
Times NeededAn all-day commitment starting early in the morning to convoy out, about 10 hours.
Number Needed150
071-FoodStn-Birkie Friends Aid/Food Stations
Role SpecificsRole Details
Role ID, Area and Title:072-FoodStn-Helpers – Pre Birkie
DescriptionHelp to organize the food trainer (food, water and equipment).
Volunteer RequirementsBasic organizational skills, ability to lift light to moderate loads. Familiarity with camping and cooking equipment desirable. Own transportation to Waskahegan is an asset.
When NeededThursday or Friday before the Birkie per volunteer schedule.
Times NeededAbout a half day or so based on number of volunteers.
Number Needed3
072-FoodStn-Helpers – Pre Birkie
Role SpecificsRole Details
Role ID, Area and Title:073-FoodStn-Helpers – Food Trailer
DescriptionHelps to distribute material from the Food Trailer as needed. Received material at the end of the day.
Volunteer RequirementsBasic organizational skills, ability to lift light to moderate loads. Familiarity with camping and cooking equipment desirable. Ideally helped to organized equipment earlier.
When NeededBirkie Saturday, February 10, 2024, and Orientation on February 8.
Times NeededA full day, may be split between two shifts is too long.
Number Needed1
073-FoodStn-Helpers – Food Trailer
Role SpecificsRole Details
Role ID, Area and Title:070-FoodStn-Chief
DescriptionCoordinating personnel, food and beverage for aid stations along the Birkie route. Contact previous year’s clubs / groups to invite them to participate and prepare back-up list of clubs. Determine food and drink requirements for stations. Conduct volunteer orientation. Distribute list of station duties and responsibilities, equipment provided and equipment to be provided by the station captains, clothing, station set-up, themes, food /beverage service procedures. Ensure captains know of any last-minute course changes, check in times etc. Coordinate departure of teams via Transportation. Coordinate return of equipment and supplies. Ensure stations have been cleaned up.
Volunteer RequirementsGood organizational and planning skills. Tact and diplomacy in dealing with external volunteers and organizations.
When NeededFall planning for planned stations. Birkie Saturday and pre-week. Cleanup and debrief stations.
Times NeededAbout 40-60 in the Fall and January. 20-30 hours Birkie Week with a long Birkie Saturday (10 hours). 10-20 hours post Birkie for clean-up and debrief.
Number Needed1