Volunteer-Long Start

The Long Start volunteers are supplied by the Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village Society (UCHV). Nevertheless, they are always happy to have new faces.

Clothing Tent – a service for Birkie participants.

Who is In Charge?

David Makowsky, Director, Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village (UCHV), along with the entire UCHV team is proud to be part of the Birkie event!

Founded in 1971 by the Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village Society with a goal to develop a heritage village that commemorated the settlement of east central Alberta by Ukrainian settlers. Soon after, the society bought the present site east of Elk Island National Park, and began relocating original buildings from farms, rural communities, and towns of east central Alberta.

The Province of Alberta acquired the site in 1975 and continues today to interpret the site’s major theme of “early Ukrainian settlement in east central Alberta to 1930.”

Context For All Roles

  • Chief of Long Start
  • Parking Coordinator
  • Parking
  • Shuttle Driver
  • Pack Weigh-in
  • QR Scanner

If you would like to get involved, and one of these shifts interest you, please send an email to UCHV@gov.ab.ca with the following information:

  • Full Name:
  • Phone Number:
  • Are you a returning UCHV volunteer or new volunteer:
  • Shifts are from 6:15 am to 10:00 am
  • Beyond the Birkie: Are you interested in volunteering with the UCHV during normal operations?

Safety Considerations: In and outdoor roles are available for the long start. If outdoors, e.g. Parking, dress for the weather and wear foot traction.

Location: : Located 25 minutes (50 kilometres) east of Edmonton on Highway 16, 3 kilometres east of Elk Island National Park. Get directions to the Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village.

Training: Virtual/in-person briefing in January will be required. An in-person award organization meeting will be held closer to the Birkie. Attendance at the Volunteer Orientation the week of the Birkie is highly recommended. Awards Lead will provide mentorship and guidance.