Volunteer-Short Start

Create, run, and then tear down the short course used for 7 & 31km events.

Who is In Charge?

Dave Cooper plays two roles. He is both the Birkie President and runs the Short Course event. He is a retired journalist who now an avid skier and cyclist.

  • 065-Short-Start-Chief
  • 066-Short-Start-Helpers

Context For All Roles

As the short course start is near the finish, the focus of this role is primarily moving the right people to the right place at the right time. Most of the set up is done by other Loppet areas. The 2024 event is different as there will be two short course starts in the late morning and early afternoon.

Critical functions for this role is to support the VIPs who come out to start the events. The support assists a designated master of ceremonies who does a count down, national anthem, and sound the air horn to start the event.

Safety Considerations: Work is outdoors so dress to the weather. Foot traction is suggested as the area can become icy.

Location: Start and Finish is at the Waskahegan Staging Area.

Training: Virtual/in-person briefing in January will be required. An in-person award organization meeting will be held closer to the Birkie. Attendance at the Volunteer Orientation the week of the Birkie is highly recommended. Awards Lead will provide mentorship and guidance.

Roles Needed

Role SpecificsRole Details
Role ID, Area and Title:065-Short-Start-Chief
DescriptionThis official coordinates the 13 and 7 km short Birkies. May coordinate separate timing at a separate finish line if required. Responsible for set up of the Short Start area. Confirms signage, etc. is in place.
Volunteer RequirementsBasic organizational skills, comfortable around dignitaries, able to problem solve and escalate as required.
When NeededPlanning and organization, months leading up to the Birkie.
Times NeededVirtual and intermittent meetings in the fall and pre-Birkie. Briefly onsite Friday and then on Saturday.
Number Needed2
Role SpecificsRole Details
Role ID, Area and Title:066-Short-Start-Helpers
DescriptionAssist with the management of the skiers to ensure all are in the proper area. Assist with technical functions such as the sound system, timing chips, etc. Keep the VIPs happy waiting for the start. Be willing to jump up and fix an errant skier or lost VIP.
Volunteer RequirementsGood situational awareness and support of the Chief. Work is not particularly onerous or difficult.
When NeededOptional, Friday before Birkie. Twice on Birkie Saturday for two starts.
Times NeededAbout an hour in late morning and then another hour in the early afternoon.
Number Needed2