Virtual Birkie Questions and Answers


How do I submit Virtual Birkie results?

What application or device do I use to upload my results?

  • Raceroster only allows you to manually insert your results. You can also upload a photo of your results in .jpg, png, gif with a maximum size of 2mb.

    What if my application or device stopped while I was completing the distance?

    • We are so sorry this happened to you. Please submit an estimate of your times and the distance you completed.

    Where are the 2022 ‘Most KM Skied’ Group Results?

    How do I view my Virtual Birkie results?

    Why don’t I see my results?

    • Results are sorted by category so you need to choose one (55, 31, 13, 8, 4 km or ‘other distance’) so that you show in results with everyone else doing that distance


    Bibs and certificates

    Where do I get my bib?

    • Download and print the bib from here
    • Fill in your information and pin it proudly to the front of your body
    • Send in photos of you in your bib for the photo contest!
    • Use your bib number when you upload your results

    How do I find my bib number?

    • Bib numbers will be assigned are automatically assigned in February.
    • Look up your virtual bib number on the Confirmation List. Submit your last name and press enter. Your chosen event will be shown and your bib number.

    When do I get my Official Finisher Certificate?

    • Once you have completed your challenge your Finisher certificate will be on display on your Individual results page. 


    Selecting my Virtual Distance

    Do I have to complete the whole distance in one day?

    • The in-person Canadian Birkie Ski Event skiers complete the registered distance in one day. The Virtual Birkie mirrors the original Birkie as much as possible and as such the same rules apply.


      Registering a Virtual ‘Most KM Skied’ Group

      How do I register as a team?

      The first person that registers creates a team name when registering here. This person can decide to register all members of the team or other participants can join the team when they register

      Do we all have to ski the same distance?

      • No

      Do we have to ski on the same day?

      • No. You can each check your weather forecast and pick the day that works best for you, so long as it is during the event

      What do I enter for the number of kilometres I will ski for my team under the Most Kilometres Group section?

      • Enter only the distance that you are signed up for

      What is the minimum number of people per team for the Most KM Group?

      • One person – you can enter multiple times


      Prizes Photo Contest

      How do I win prizes?

      • You need to post or send a photo to be eligible to win prizes (see more information below).

      What is the deadline to post/send my picture for the contest?

      • You can post or send your picture in until the day after the event at 9 a.m.

      How can I upload or post my picture for the contest?

      • You can post/upload your picture four different ways. Only upload/post your picture once. Please make sure you follow the instructions carefully so we find your picture submission:
        Instagram: Tag @canadianbirkie and use hashtags #VirtualBirkie #LetsBirkieBaby #CdnBirkie. 
        Twitter: Mention @canadianbirkie and use hashtags #VirtualBirkie #CdnBirkie #LetsBirkieBaby. If you did not submit your Instagram name with registration.
        Facebook: Become a member of the Virtual Group: and use hashtags #VirtualBirkie #CdnBirkie #GotheDistance.
        Email: Send your picture to Mention your first and last name, bib number and the completed distance in the email.

      What if my phone or camera battery died on me and I could not take a picture? Can I still participate in the contest?

      • We are sorry; you can only participate in this contest by posting or emailing a picture.


      Last Updated: February 6, 2022 – 23.45pm